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A fully-integrated SaaS model utilizing thin client and multi-tenant architecture

For the Guard house

  • Thin client featuring touch screen user interface (no expensive custom "kiosk")
  • Feature-rich visitor management
  • Contractor and tenant management with scheduled entry times
  • Homeowner notification of guest arrival via SMS, email or push notification
  • Online gate-to-gate-to-administrator messaging/chat
  • Bar code or license plate re-entry
  • Comprehensive access control including credential and schedule management
  • Integrated license plate recognition (ALPR)
  • Time stamped photo attached to each visitor
  • Integrated home alarm notification

For the Resident, Tenant, and Contractor

  • Complete visitor management
  • Party entry and management
  • Desktop & mobile
  • Community directory
  • Online community calendar, HOA documents and web site
  • Online newsletter
  • Facilities reservation

For the Community Manager

  • Detailed homesite, resident, tenant, and contractor information
  • Security team management
  • Complete visitor management includes guests, services, contractors, etc.
  • Contractor management and scheduled entry times
  • Golf club integration (where applicable)
  • Messaging between management and individual residents
  • Message broadcasting to both community and individual
  • Insta-search on any field
  • Detailed periodic activity reports

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